• Sturdy, durable metal construction
  • 100% arca-compatible design allows complete freedom to customize & reconfigure using standard arca clamps and rails.
  • High degree of accuracy & repeatablity with resolution of 0.02°
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Dual, optoisolated camera ports. Connect two cameras and they will fire simultaneously for 3D/stereo panoramas
  • Remote control from your Android smartphone via bluetooth
  • Control app with user-defined shooting profiles. With over 20 customizable parameters, you can configure shooting profiles exactly the way you want them.
  • Automatic control with camera feedback. No need to rely on preset timings that will need adjustment every time you change the shutter speed or other parameters.
  • Vibration sensor that prevents blurry shots.
  • Never miss a shot with dual safeguards. Doesn’t move to the next action until it receives confirmation from the camera that the previous shot has indeed been taken. Allows the user to define a maximum sustainable frame rate and prevents skipped shots from full buffer.
  • Optional 21V battery to shoot all day, 8-10 hours continuous use.

PanoCatcher Solo

  • Single-axis robotic camera head for single-row panoramas
  • Same features as the Maestro shown above
  • Upgradeable to dual axis when you’re ready to move to multi-row & gigapixel panoramas